The Best Small Tarantula Enclosures

Are you looking for a top quality small tarantula cage? Any time you bring home a new pet, it’s essential that you also bring home everything your new pet will need – food, cage/kennel, toys, etc. Even though spiders are very low maintenance pets, you’ll still want to make sure your new arachnid has everything it needs to thrive, which is basically a good enclosure with the proper substrate and hiding places.

Guess what? Backwater Reptiles is pleased to announce that we now offer premium starter tarantula kits for sale! These aesthetically pleasing clear cube enclosures come with substrate(s), cork bark climbing/hiding accessories, silk plant decor, and even a miniature water dish.

tarantula terrarium kit
Pictured is the arboreal tarantula kit and all of the included components.

Because tarantulas are either arboreal and live in trees or terrestrial and live on the ground, we have two separate types of kits to suit either type of spider’s needs.

tarantula kit comparison
A comparison of the terrestrial and arboreal tarantula kits side by side.

The terrestrial kit is not very tall and has an air vent on top of the cube. Because your terrestrial tarantula won’t be doing any climbing, it provides plenty of crawling floor space for an animal with a leg span of four inches or less. The decorative cork bark piece provides a convenient hiding spot and the substrate provided is suitable for a land-dwelling spider.

terrestrial tarantula kit
The terrestrial tarantula kit fully assembled.

Vertical space is important to tree-dwelling spiders, so the arboreal kit is a bit taller and the air vent is positioned on the side of the cube. The decorative cork bark and silk plant pieces are tall and give the spider something to climb on.

arboreal tarantula terrarium kit
Arboreal tarantula kit fully assembled.

Overall, the goal with these tarantula kits is to provide an attractive starter home for your pet spider. The kit includes everything you need to give your spider a healthy environment in which to grow.

Keep in mind that as your spider does grow and mature, it will eventually require a larger enclosure. These kits are intended to be homes for spiders with leg spans of under four inches.

terrestrial tarantula terrarium
Terrestrial tarantula kit components.

In addition to these handy little kits, Backwater Reptiles offers plenty of feeder food for your tarantula to chow down on, whether it will be eating crickets or other invertebrates. We also recommend reading more about the best pet tarantulas.


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  1. They work really well and don’t take up a lot of space. Did you get the tiny enlosures for spiderlings? So cute.
    On the side, I love the blog, keep ’em coming!

    1. We also love that these don’t take up much space! Not only are they visually appealing, but they are unobtrusive and great for people who live in small spaces. đŸ™‚

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