Popular Pacman Frog Morphs

Would you like to meet some of our Pacman frog morphs? Like many popular reptiles and amphibians, Pacman frogs have been bred to express a variety of different colors or morphs. In this blog article, we’ll lay out the most popular and common morphs.

Green “Normal” Pacman Frog

Popular Pacman frog morphs

As you probably surmised, the “normal,” “regular” or “green” Pacman is the standard coloration for these frogs. The normals are generally bright green with brown spots just like the one pictured.

popular pacman frog - Ceratophrys cranwelli

Proportionately, these hungry and hefty frogs start out small but grow to quite large sizes due to their voracious and seemingly unending appetites.

ceratophrys cranwelli
A happy little “regular” Pacman Frog.

Strawberry Pineapple Albino Pacman Frog

strawberry pineapple pacman frog

The Strawberry Pineapple Albino morph is named after the colors of the fruits it resembles. Standard strawberry morph Pacmans have much more pink tones to their skin, but because this little frog is an albino, the colors are duller from lack of pigmentation.

Like most albino animals, this frog also has red eyes. Due to the lack of pigment, there are no other colors to hide the blood vessels, which ultimately makes the eye appear red.

baby pacman frog

Albino Pacman Frog

This morph is similar to the strawberry albino described above, but there is no pink tint to the frog. Instead, the lack of pigment creates a yellow and orange skin tone. The frog still possesses red eyes.

albino pacman frog
Top view of an albino Pacman Frog.

baby albino pacman frog

Notice the red eyes on this albino morph.

Chocolate Mint Pacman Frog

We’re a fan of naming animals after foods, which is why we like this morph. Just like the strawberry pineapple, this frog is named for the colors of the food it resembles.

chocolate mint pacman frog morph

Mint chocolate Pacmans are a paler green color than the standard Pacman with lighter, less harsh brown accent spots.

popular frog morphs

High Red Ornate Pacman Frog

All the Pacman frogs are in the same family of Horned Frogs (Ceratophryidae), but the High Red Ornate Pacman is actually a Ceratophrys ornata and not a Ceratophrys cranwelli like all his cousins described above.

ornate pacman frog morph

If you noticed this morph’s coloration is very vibrant, that would explain where the morph gets the “high” title. Any reptile or amphibian morph with “high” in the name basically just means “super” or “a lot.” So this particular morph is named high red ornate because it’s skin is a very vibrant and noticeable red.

ornate pacman frog morph
Top view of a high red ornate Pacman Frog.

ceratophrys ornata


All of these Pacman Frog morphs are in the same family of horned frogs. The various morphs just reflect what captive breeding them has produced. Not only are the animals healthier, but they are uniquely colored.

best pacman frog morphs
A collage of Pacman morphs.

Backwater Reptiles currently offers a variety of Pacman frog morphs for sale, all of which are captive bred.

What’s your favorite Pacman Frog morph?