Five Things We Love About Toad Head Agamas

Toad Head Agamas are fairly new to the reptile pet industry, but they are currently exploding in popularity. These lizards are very interesting and make super cool pets. In this blog, we decided we’d mention five things we really love about them.

1. Toad Head Agamas are unique in appearance. Not only do they have flaps on the sides of their heads that open up and create a Predator-esque mouth, but these lizards also look quirky when those flaps are relaxed. Their pug noses and eye ridges give them sort of a sleepy bulldog face and we’re definitely digging it. They’ve also got some crazy-long fingers and toes. They use them to dig, burrow, and shimmy into the sand.

toad head agama facts
When these agamas get upset or threatened, they flare their mouth flaps out and look like the “Predator.” Get to da’ choppuh!!

2. They have very friendly dispositions. When we handled our agamas for our photo shoot, these guys were calm, collected, and super chill. They definitely don’t mind being handled and their demeanor reminded us of bearded dragons – just so laid back.

phrynocephalus mystaceus agama
Check out how friendly these lizards are. They definitely don’t object to being handled. Their favorite food seems to be waxworms.

3. They have little black “bibs” at their neck. These agamas are true gentleman and the black bow ties or bibs underneath their necks prove it! Oh, and did we mention what sweet, gentle temperaments these guys have? 🙂

toad head agama male
Check out this guys’ little bow tie! That’s how you can tell the males–they have a dark patch under their chin.

4. Toad Head Agamas grow to a very manageable size. In general, these guys won’t grow to exceed twelve inches, which means their enclosures also need not be excessively large. A 20 gallon terrarium should suffice. The ones pictured in the blog photos are medium-sized animals and are approximately seven inches long.

handling toad head agamas
Check out this Toad Head’s smile! Such a little sweetheart!

5. Feeding time is fun! Like bearded dragons, Toad Head Agamas are pretty much always down to eat. They are insectivores and will consume everything from crickets to roaches readily. Just make sure to vary their diet and they’ll happily chow down.

pet toad head agama
A full body shot of the Toad Head Agama.

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