Ball Python Care

Wondering how to care for Ball Pythons (Python regius)? Backwater Reptiles has currently got so many snakes for sale! We just got a shipment in with tons of cute babies and young snakes including garter snakes, pythons, and even some corn snakes.

This entry we’re discussing ball pythons (Python regius), but stay tuned for more snake-centric entries to come later this week.

Ball pythons like the one pictured below are generally very good-natured and easy to handle. While they grow to be around 4 feet in length, they are very docile and probably one of the easiest constrictors to keep as it’s not necessary to give them large feeder animals to eat or maintain too large of an enclosure for them.

python regius care

Ball pythons are not usually picky eaters and therefore can be fed frozen fuzzies, hoppers, or full-grown mice/rats depending on the size of the snake being fed. Young animals such as the one featured in this blog post should eat once weekly, but as they get older, it is acceptable to feed them every one to two weeks. It should also be noted that during the cooler times of the year, it is not unusual for ball pythons to reject food. This is normal and owners should just keep an eye on the weight and health of the animal and offer food approximately every ten days until the snake resumes its normal eating habits.

ball python care

Ball Python Popularity

Ball pythons are the most popular pet python in the world due to the variation in color morphs that breeders have produced. The unique ball variants that are available range in price based on the trait being expressed, but Backwater has standard ball pythons for sale for only $29.99.

ball python facts

With proper care, ball pythons can live around 30 years (sometimes more!) in captivity, so be prepared for a long-lived critter.