What Do Halloween Crabs Eat?

Wondering what to feed your Halloween crab? It might not seem like a crab would be a good pet, but hermit and Halloween Crabs are actually very common in the pet trade. Known for their colorful shells which are bright purple coupled with brilliant orange, Halloween crabs have simple care requirements and make low maintenance, easy-going pets.

What do halloween crabs eat
This Halloween Crab is not as bright and bold in coloration because it is probably a female.

So, now that you have your pet Halloween crab, you need to feed it. Well, you might be wondering, what exactly am I supposed to feed a crab? No worries – although Backwater Reptiles does specialize in reptiles and amphibians, we also keep invertebrates and we’ll tell you exactly what type of diet to feed your Halloween crab.

Gecarcinus quadratus
This Halloween crab is displaying its orange underbelly and purple claws, and is likely a male.

Halloween crabs come from the coasts of Mexico, Central America, and Peru. They are primarily rainforest dwellers who feed at night by scavenging the forest and beach floors. They actually spend most of their lives living on land, so believe it or not, they don’t need a “sea food” based diet.

What to feed your Halloween crab

You should primarily feed your Halloween crab foods that it would find in the wild. Because it is a tropical invertebrate, you can feed it fruits such as papaya, mango, and coconut. Be sure the fruit is cut into appropriately-sized pieces and that it is fresh because the crabs won’t eat spoiled or rotting fruit.

Halloween Crab
Top view of a female Halloween crab.

Vegetable matter of all types is acceptable food for Halloween crabs as well. They will even eat meat, but make sure that the meat is thoroughly cooked as it is dangerous to feed it to them raw.

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